Super plastic forming

Superplastic Forming Process

Superplastic forming, as the name suggests, falls in the manufacturing processes category of forming. The process works under closely controlled conditions of temperature and strain rates, which allow certain metallic microstructures to be deformed to large strains using relatively low forces.

The process can be used to produce complex 3D shapes with constant section thicknesses, no re-entrant angles, and with large deformations from any metal with a stable superplastic microstructure. The most common metals utilized for this process are titanium and alloys.

The main advantage of the process is that it can be used to produce large complex components in one operation. This can be useful for keeping the mass down and avoiding the need for assembly work, a particular advantage for aerospace products.

  • 1 - 48" x 48" Bed Size SPF Capable
  • 1 - 48" x 72" Bed Size SPF Capable
  • 1 - 60" x 72" Bed Size SPF Capable
  • 1 - 24" x 24" Bed Size SPF Capable